Looking for a company with Computer Aided Design (CAD) depth and know-how?

Our 3D CAD modelling experience includes automotive components, mechanical, manufacturing, industrial design, packaging, construction, steel fabricating.

Inputs for generating the 3D CAD have come from a variety of sources including hand sketches, 2D manual drawings or 2D CAD files to physical parts. Successful delivery is arrived at by constant interaction with our client so potential problems are detected early.

Benefits: 3D CAD outputs allow clients to interact with the design onscreen using freeware on their own Mac or PC. Similarly, interactive cross sections, shaded models, isometric and perspective views enhance the visual experience.

3D modelling will also aid subsequent steps such as rapid prototyping, rendering and animation, computer aided engineering (CAE), tooling and production. Other tangible benefits of 3D CAD include improving our client's development time, so the design gets to market quicker with fewer risks.

Our Services

  • Mechanical Design Inventor
  • CNC Milling
  • 3D Rapid Prototyping
  • Mechanical Design Inventor
  • CNC Milling
  • Solar Gas Turbines
  • Mechanical Prototype
  • CNC Router
  • Plant Layouts & Platforms

Design Engineering

We've supported design engineers and engineering companies with CAD services across numerous projects and industries. Our CAD service has enabled a shorter time to market for new products and allowed internal resources to focus on core activities and other urgent demands.

Our CAD designers take the time to understand your requirements fully and set about replicating in-house protocols, drawing standards and we even utilise your templates. Therefore every engineering drawing we produce feels like it's been produced internally and emulates your existing documentation.

3D Modelling

3D CAD modelling software allows designers to create a computer generated representation of an object or surface in virtual space. The traditional drawing office captured three dimensional forms by expressing them as a series of two dimensional projected views.

The advent of 3D CAD and many interlinked software and services means there are big time and money advantages to gain by modelling in 3D. CAD technology now creates files that can be used to: generate photorealistic renderings and animations; manufacture tools and components; undertake engineering analysis; produce rapid prototypes and 3d printed parts.

Steel Detailing

We assist metal fabricators with their CAD requirements by converting architectural and engineering specifications into clear and concise shop drawings. Structural modelling is undertaken in 3D CAD then shop drawings are produced to follow a logical pattern of fabrication, construction and installation.

Our shop drawings have been used to manufacture and install all types of steel structures including commercial, domestic and community buildings, bridges, pipe work, ramps, stair cases and platforms.

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